Myrtle Gentry
blooms to a pink and then fades to almost pure white. very fragrant.
My Love
A beautiful blush that is mildly fragrant. When it opens it gradually changes to an all white
Monsieur Jules Elie
medium to bright pink, looks small but can open huge. favorite for brides.
Festiva Maxima
a fragrant large white bloom with beautiful flecks of red on inner petals. Goes beautiful with Adolphe Rousseau and any dark pink
Coral Sunset
A beautiful Coral and an in demand bride favorite, a semi double flower opens to a coral with outer petals transitioning to a beautiful peach color. This transition takes a few days.
Mothers Choice
A beautiful light blush, short sturdy stem that opens beautifully. My personal favorite last year but then sometimes my favorite changes every year.
Sarah Bernhardt
Sarah Bernhardt has been around forever and after looking at these beauties you know why.
Beautiful full double pink, another bride favorite.
Bowl of Cream
These open big but sometimes the yellow stamens show through. Not all the time but they are gorgeous none the less.
Duchess de Nemours
I call the work horses of the peonys. They do not fail and are beautiful. They can start out in a small bud but open huge. I am always surprised.
Felix Supreme
I love these. The stems are very sturdy and they have staying power. They are a deeper pink and go well with just about any other peony.
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